Ordering Mulch For Your Landscaping

Mulch is a versatile material that can be used in your landscaping in a variety of ways. While mulch is commonly used in landscaping projects, individuals are not always prepared or informed as to what they should expect when using mulch delivery for their own landscaping projects. Decide Whether You Will Want The Mulch To Be Treated For Pests And Weeds Some mulching products may be treated to make the mulch less hospitable to pests and certain types of weeds.

4 Reasons To Have Your Olive Trees Sprayed

Olive trees are quite popular in warmer climates, where they can thrive and provide year-round interest. The issue is that olive trees produce a lot of fruit, and olive fruit must be processed before eating. Many homeowners have no desire to harvest and process the amount of messy fruit an olive tree can grow, so it’s common to have the trees sprayed with growth regulators that prevent fruiting.  1. Stop  Messes