4 Reasons To Have Your Olive Trees Sprayed

Olive trees are quite popular in warmer climates, where they can thrive and provide year-round interest. The issue is that olive trees produce a lot of fruit, and olive fruit must be processed before eating. Many homeowners have no desire to harvest and process the amount of messy fruit an olive tree can grow, so it's common to have the trees sprayed with growth regulators that prevent fruiting. 

1. Stop  Messes

The biggest complaint about olive trees is the mess they can create on lawns and sidewalks due to dropped fruit in season. Fall through winter is the time for the biggest fruit drop on a mature tree, which is generally the time of year you don't want to spend time outside trying to clean up a fruiting tree mess. Growth regulator sprays prevent most fruiting, so there will no longer be a need to sweep and rake up olives or scrub down paving beneath the trees.

2. Reduce Allergies

The pollen produced by olive trees during spring and early summer is quite impressive, and many people are allergic to it. If you have olive trees on your property and happen to also have an allergy, pollen season can be a month or more of misery. Growth regulator sprays prevent fruiting in part by reducing pollen production and flowering that leads to fertilization. Fewer flowers and less pollen mean a much less severe allergy season when it comes to olive pollen. 

3. Simplified Treatment

Although you can spray an olive tree yourself, the consumer version of these sprays is not as effective as professional sprays. Consumer-level sprays often have to be reapplied several times during the flowering season, and they still won't be as effective. Professional-level sprays applied by licensed technicians typically only require one or two applications during the flowering window, which is generally from late winter into early spring. Plus, you know the pros have the equipment to fully douse the trees.

4. Reduce Pests

Fruiting can attract pests, everything from flies and gnats to bigger animals like deer, which will eat the immature fruit and branch tips. Less fruit makes the trees less appealing to many pests. At a minimum, spraying to prevent fruiting will make it easier to protect the trees and the rest of your landscaping from marauding wildlife. 

Contact an olive tree spraying service if you have trees that would benefit from the treatment.