New Homeowner? 4 Tools You Need To Purchase

The transition from renting a home to owning a home is a significant step. Not only are you taking on an entirely new set of financial obligations, but when something goes down around the house, there is not necessarily a dedicated maintenance line to call. You are the property maintenance team. To be sure you are equipped to handle some of these minor tasks, there are certain tools you want to have ready and available. 

1. Measuring Tape

Whether you want to hang artwork, install new cabinets in the guest bathroom, or purchase new furniture for the media room, you need measurements to complete any of these tasks. You need to have a durable measuring tape tool as part of your collection. For increased durability, look for measuring tape that is on the thicker side, as it will typically stay in place easier and last longer. 

2. Pliers

Pliers will become your go-to tool for performing a wide range of different tasks around your home. This tool is helpful whenever you need to grip an object in order to rotate it or manipulate it in another way, such as to remove a nail that is lodged into an object. Pliers can also be helpful when you need to cut certain objects, such as wires. You should purchase a large plier and a smaller one. 

3. Utility Knife

Another multifunctional tool you want to have on hand is a utility knife. A utility knife can be helpful for a lot of projects because it helps you get a clean and sharp cut on everything from carpet edging to wire covers. This tool is even helpful for certain day-to-day tasks, such as cutting open boxes, as it keeps you from reaching for your kitchen knives and damaging them.

4. Wrench Set

You should also include a wrench set in your tool kit. In order to remove tight bolts and nuts, you must have a wrench, and since all of these fasteners are not the same size, you need to have wrenches of varying sizes. You will find these fasteners on everything from some door hinges to lockboxes, so you will surely get plenty of use out of them. 

Keep in mind: that your list of tools that you need to have on hand will constantly expand. However, as you need to add to your collection, do not hesitate to visit your local hardware store for assistance.