Ways To Promote Security With A Chain Link Fence

Many homeowners want a fence that keeps their home secure. If you fall in that category, consider installing a chain link fence. One of the reasons chain link fencing is good for home security is that you can see through it. 

Keep reading for more ways you can promote security in your home with a chain link fence.

Build the Fence Tall

For home security, your fence should be difficult to scale. One way to achieve that goal is with a tall fence. Naturally, you need to check with your homeowners' association before you have your fence installed. However, if they allow it, have your fence built at least six feet tall so that it is taller than the average human.

Try a Black Fence

Another deterrent for would-be intruders is the visual of the fence itself. They find it much easier to get onto a property with no fence. You can choose powder-coated posts and chain link in a variety of colors. Consider choosing black because it makes such a strong visual statement. Avoid greens and browns that blend into the landscape in the background.

Choose the Right Mesh

While you're focusing on the chain link fence, make sure the mesh works in your favor. It needs to be sturdy, so look for mesh like 9-gauge or 6-gauge mesh. Likewise, make sure the mesh weave doesn't accommodate footholds. Typically, the holes in the mesh or the fence shouldn't be bigger than two inches since any bigger than that could fit someone's foot.

Install a Security Gate

Most homeowners match their gate to their chain link fence. Your chain link gate should be sturdy. Along with the above mesh choices, look into a spring latch with the plate that closes automatically behind the lever. Many of these latches feature a hole for a padlock. You can even find similar models that you use a key to open. Consider a spring hinge, too, so the gate closes automatically.

Add Security Plants

The final measure doesn't involve the fence itself but rather the landscaping around it. If you're stuck with one of the lower fences because of HOA regulations, consider a foundation garden with security plants. Look for thorny plants such as rose and blackberry bushes. Cactus and yucca work, too. Make sure they're close enough to the fence that intruders can't just skirt them.

Install a chain link fence for home security.

To learn more, contact a fencing company in your area.