Home Renovations And Pressure Washing: 4 Tips To Renew Your Exterior With Thorough Cleaning

If you are planning to renovate the exterior of your home, there are some repairs and improvements that need to be done, as well as cleaning. Rather than replacing materials that are covered in grime or fungus, pressure washing is an option to give materials renewed life with a thorough cleaning, but you want to make sure pressure washing is done correctly. The following tips will help you with pressure washing to renew materials when doing renovations to your home's exterior:

Prewashing Materials to Loosen the Buildup of Grime Before You Pressure Wash Anything

Before doing any pressure washing to renew materials outside of your home, you will want to prewash them. This can be done with cleaners and brooms or brushes. Prewashing these materials will help loosen the buildup embedded in the materials, and make it easier to clean them with pressure washing and prevent damaging the materials that are being cleaned.

Know the Types of Materials You Are Pressure Washing and How to Prevent Damage to Them

There are many different materials outside of your home that can be pressure washed, but they all require different cleaning methods to prevent damage. Softer materials like the wood used for fencing and decks need to be cleaned with a wider spray nozzle to prevent damaging the wood grain. Harder concrete can be cleaned with more pressure, but when pressure washing masonry, it is important to be careful not to cause damage to the mortar joints.

Bleaching and Cleaners That Can Be Used to Renew the Finishes of Your Exterior When Pressure Washing

Sometimes, there are stains and discoloration that is embedded deep into the materials that you are pressure washing. Therefore, when the cleaning is done, you may want to use cleaners or bleaching treatments that help remove the staining. This may also mean that the pressure washing needs to be repeated to remove the stains after it has been done once with a special cleaning treatment.

Repairs and Care of Materials Outside That Have Been Pressure Washed to Keep Them Looking New and Prevent Problems

Once you have cleaned exterior materials and removed years of grime, there may be damage that is noticeable that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, pressure washing can also cause damage that you will want to repair. After repairs are done, you will also want to apply finishes and protective coatings to materials like wood fencing and decking to protect them after they have been cleaned.

These are some tips to help with renewing materials outside your home with pressure washing when doing renovations to your home. If you need help cleaning materials that have a coating of grime on them, contact a residential pressure washing service for help making them look like new again.