The Benefits Of A Lawn Sprinkler System For Your Home

If you live where little rain falls, then everything green in your yard relies heavily on your ability to remember to water it all. If you forget, or you are out of town for a while, the yard starts taking on a color that is not very attractive. A lawn sprinkler system could relieve this issue. Here are some more benefits of lawn sprinkler systems for yards and regions like yours. 

The System Is Automatic- No Need to Remember Anything

Most sprinkler systems are automatic. They are on timers all their own and go off at precisely the same times every day. These times are usually dawn and dusk, although that changes slightly with the seasons and with the start and end of daylight savings time (DST). That said, you never have to worry about watering the yard, or anything within reach of the sprinkler heads. You may still need to water anything that the sprinklers cannot reach, but everything else stays nice and green like it should. 

Droughts Are Not a Problem

Droughts are common in dry and arid landscapes. Droughts are also common along the West Coast, down into the Southwestern states. Drought or no drought, your yard is fine when your sprinkler system is doing its job. 

Water Bans Are Not a Problem Either

A lot of regions see a city-wide or state-wide water ban when water is difficult to get, rain is not forthcoming, and/or there are issues with wastewater treatment. You can set some sprinkler systems to "conserve" and then only the smallest amounts of water are used or a shorter time to water occurs. Your yard still gets a little "drink," but it will be just enough to keep it green without allowing the yard to be soaked with water. 

The Whole System Runs on Water from Your Home

Typically a sprinkler system is connected to your home's water supply. That means it runs on city water if you are in the city limits, or on well water if you are rural. There is no extra tank installation or need to refill a reserve tank for the system because the pipes for the system are connected directly to the plumbing and water supply lines in your home. If you know that there is going to be a couple of very rainy days ahead, you simply turn off the system to let the rain do its thing. 

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