Patio Decorating Ideas

More than just an outdoor space, a patio is also an extension of your home. It is the ideal place to entertain guests on warm summer evenings or relax with a book on sunny days. One way to make the outdoor area even more comfortable and welcoming is with decor items. 

You can decorate your patio using the same theme or style as the rest of your home, such as modern, shabby chic or rustic, or go for a completely new look. Since it's such a casual space, you can have fun trying out new decor ideas and even choose pieces and elements that you wouldn't be bold enough to use indoors. Consider your passions and hobbies, such as golfing or gardening, as design inspiration.

Even if you're on a tight budget, you can easily transform your patio into a warm and inviting space using repurposed or handmade items, or even pieces you find at a secondhand store. Just make sure that the furniture and textiles are rated for outdoor use to avoid mold and mildew damage. 

Here are some patio decorating ideas to get you started:

1. Furniture 

Because patios are designed as places to relax with friends and family members, it's important to equip them with comfortable outdoor furniture. For a quaint, cottage-inspired feel,  go with either wicker or rattan furniture sets, which typically come in white or brown colors. 

Wicker and rattan pieces are made from natural woven fibers, and they typically come in love seat, chair and coffee table sets. To add both comfort and visual interest, cover the chairs with soft, weather-resistant cushions featuring whimsical floral, seashell, or even animal print designs. After arranging the furniture, you can place an outdoor rug in the center for a cohesive look. 

Other patio furniture ideas include rustic reclaimed wood table and chair sets, vintage-looking black wrought iron bistro table sets for two, and metal couch and love seat sets topped with plush cushions. 

2. Lighting Elements 

The easiest way to give your outdoor space plenty of ambiance is with the right lighting elements. Create a romantic spot for intimate conversations by wrapping white LED lights around pillars, beams, and nearby tree trunks and branches.

Another way to give your patio a soft glow after dark is with wrought iron lanterns, which you can fill with LED flame-less candles and hang from overhead tree branches or place on tables. You can also use the lanterns to line the walkway leading to your patio.