Hydroponic Food Sources: Reasons Why You Need To Jump On This Wagon

Do you like organic produce but not the organic produce waste? You really cannot eat organic produce from a grocery store fast enough. That is because that organic produce spends at least its first week on a truck and in warehouses before it gets to the grocery stores you regularly shop, which means it is already starting to decompose by the time you buy it and take it home. Organic produce lovers decided to kick things up a notch to get really organic and really fresh produce. Many of those people that used to buy organic from the store now grow their own produce via hydroponics. Here are some reasons why you should jump on this wagon, too.

Supplies Are Relatively Inexpensive

You will need hydroponic grow light supplies. These supplies include special lights that mimic sunlight and help the plants to grow; special inverted growth trays that allow the fruit and veggies to grow downward while the semi-exposed roots receive a lot of light, water, and nutrients; and hydroponic plant food. You can easily grow everything in your basement or in a shed, if you do not have a greenhouse. The initial start-up cost may seem like more than what you would expect, but then all you pay for every year thereafter are the seeds. In short, the whole hydroponic system pays for itself in just a couple of years.

You Get Consistently Parasite-Free and Totally Organic Produce That Is Always Fresh

Imagine having the very freshest of fruits and vegetables on your table any time you want. That is what growing your own does. In the case of hydroponics, the food is not only the very freshest you can get, but it is also parasite-free (when grown indoors) and totally organic. You eat better for your efforts, which are really minimal on a daily basis.

Never Overpay for Produce Again

Hydroponically-grown produce averages out to just a few cents per vegetable and a few cents per pint or quart of fruits. Within a few months of your first harvest, you will notice a dramatic dip in your grocery bill because you are not paying five dollars for a quart of strawberries or a dollar-seventy-five for a tomato. In fact, after just a few years of growing your own food via the hydroponic system, you may only be paying less than twenty cents a tomato and even less per each vine fruit.