Choices For Making A Stone Walkway Yourself

Walkways are functional additions to your yard that keep foot traffic off of your grass. Walkways can also add color and beauty to your yard. Walkways don't have to be expensive or difficult to install. You may be able to install a stone walkway yourself. Here are some ideas.

Gravel Walkways

When you think of gravel, the large, jagged white rocks may come to mind. Those aren't ideal for a walkway since they hurt your feet when you're barefoot. Instead, you can choose small gravel, pea gravel, or washed gravel. These stones are small, so they are comfortable to walk on. They also lock against each other to make a stable surface. However, when it comes to small gravel, jagged is usually better than smooth when you want the most stable surface for walking. When you put in a gravel walkway, you need to level the soil and put down landscaping fabric. You also need to create edges with larger stones or bricks. If you want an easier way to put in a walkway, choose stepping stones instead.

Stepping Stones

Visit a stone supply center to see the types of stones available. You might find flagstone or limestone pieces perfect for a stepping stone path. The stones have to be large enough to walk on, but they don't have to be uniform in size since they won't be right next to each other. You don't have to remove the grass between the stones, but you can add pea gravel or other decorative rock around them if you don't want to have to trim grass around them. You'll need to remove some of the grass or soil where each stone will rest, but you don't need to level the entire path. This is one of the easiest walkways you can install yourself as long as you can lift the heavy stones. While you could also choose concrete squares to use as stepping stones, natural stones have a more natural appearance since each stone is unique when it comes to shape and coloration.

A stone walkway will last a long time, and it's a more durable choice than making a path out of mulch and less labor-intensive than making a path out of poured concrete or pavers. View all the options available for walking paths, such as crushed stones, colorful rocks, small gravel, and large stones. Once you see the choices available, your imagination may take over and help you create the ideal path that accents your property while being a useful way to walk around your yard.