2 Kinds Of Irrigation Systems You Can Use

When you have a large yard and garden, it isn't always practical to stretch a hose from one end of it to another to make sure that everything gets watered. There are different kinds of irrigation systems out there that you can use that will be much more practical and give you the ability to water your lawn and garden. 

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

One thing that you can do is to install an automatic sprinkler system. These systems generally have sprinkler heads that are recessed in some way. They may be completely recessed and raise up above ground level before they turn on. That way you can still mow your yard without worrying about causing damage to the sprinkler heads or your mower. The nice thing about using automatic sprinkler systems is that you don't have to think about turning it on or off, you just set the system for when you want it to turn on, how long you want it to spray, and how frequently you want it done, then let the system do its own thing. Another nice thing about the automatic sprinkler systems is that when they are installed, they are set up so that your yard and garden have full and even coverage, so you shouldn't have areas that aren't getting watered while others are getting too much water. 

Soaker Pipes

Soaker pipes are another way that you can irrigate your yard and garden. Soaker pipes are pipes or hoses with small holes in them or are made out of porous material. When the water is turned on through the hoses or pipes, the water will slowly come out from the hose or pipe to the surrounding area. These are often laid on the surface, but can also be laid in shallow trenches. The benefit of using a soaker pipe or hose style irrigation system is that it tends to use less water to get the same kind of results. The water will go straight to the roots of the plants and not up in the air where some will evaporate before it gets to where it needs to be. Soaker pipes and hoses can actually encourage the roots to grow deeper, making the plant stronger. 

If you have a large yard and garden, you want to make sure that you can easily water it. There are various ways that you can do that, but the easiest is to install some kind of irrigation system.