Changing The Locks On Your Home Or Business

Locksmiths have been around for as long as there have been locks around. These are the men and women who specialize in working with all kinds of locks. From traditional locks and key systems to car door locks and ignitions, if it has a key, the locksmith is the person to go to for help. Lost keys, broken keys, damaged locks, or alternative door entry systems: these are just a few of the things a locksmith can work on for you.

Rekeying Your Business

In any business, there will be a time that you will need to rekey the locks on the door. Most commercial locks are designed to allow the cylinder to be removed and rekeyed easily if you have the tools and the knowledge to do the work. Most locksmiths can come out and pull the cylinder, rekey it, and put it back in place in just a few minutes. If the lock is not designed to be easily rekeyed, they may suggest an alternative to what you are using. A good commercial lock is the best way to protect your merchandise and business when you are not in it.

Making The Keys Match

One of the problems with traditional locks is the number of keys you have to carry. The key to your car, the key to your home (or several in most cases), the keys to the doors at work, and the list goes on. If you can cut that down a little and make all the locks on the business match, you can issue one key that will open all the doors quickly and easily.  That principle holds true for your home as well. In most cases, the lock can be duplicated, so have a locksmith come and look at your locks to see it that is an option for you.

Alternative Entry Systems

The alternative to a lock at all is to have an electronic entry system on your home or business. The system monitors the sensors on the door to tell when it is open or not. As people enter, they will enter a code, slide or scan a card, or use biometrics and unlock via a fingerprint or retina scan to open the door. Electronic systems offer you peace of mind, are easy to set up, and the system logs every time someone comes or goes during non-business hours. While they do not use traditional keys, many locksmith companies have added these kinds of services to businesses, so talk to your local locksmith and see if they can help you set up your entry control system if that is the way you want to go.

For more information and options, contact a locksmith company, like Bob's Lock & Key, directly.