A Beginner's Guide To Choosing And Applying Vinyl Wall Decals

If the walls in your kitchen, master bedroom, child's bedroom or den are looking drab, but you don't want to spend a small fortune on new paint or artwork, consider vinyl wall decals from a place like Wall Written. In addition to being very affordable, wall decals are easy to apply and are available in an astounding variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Although they are easy to use, it's still critical to take your time both choosing the ideal wall decal for the space, and applying it to the wall. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Consider Your Room's Current Aesthetic

The first point to consider while shopping for decals is the aesthetic and purpose of the room. For example, if the decals are destined for your beach themed master bedroom, choose a wall decal that fits well with the current aesthetic. Next, consider the room's mood. If you want your living room to feel calm, choose simple decals that featured muted colors and simple designs.

If possible, get a sample of the color and shape of the decal, or snap a picture of the decal, and hold it against your wall. Choose the decal that enhances the room's current mood and features colors that work well with the existing décor.

Keep the Wall Size in Mind

One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind while shopping for decals is the size and shape of the wall. If you're choosing a decal for a feature wall in your living room, you will need to pick a decal or several decals that will fill the entire space. Conversely, if the wall is tall and narrow, it's best to choose a decal that takes advantage of the room's vertical space.

Also, keep in mind where the decals will go, in relation to the furniture. For instance, if you're choosing a decal that features an inspiration quote, make sure that it isn't cut off by the back of your couch.

The most effective way to choose decals that are the appropriate size is to take measurements of the walls. This is especially critical if you are investing in a custom decal. Measuring the decal itself is another great option because it will allow you to get a better idea if the piece will work on the wall.

Prepping the Walls and Applying the Decals

Now that you've chosen the right decal for your space, it's time to apply it. Before you simply peel off the self-adhesive decal and stick it on, hold it against the wall and adjust the piece as needed. Next, clean the wall with soapy water and a sponge. Allow the wall to dry completely before applying the decal.

If you've recently painted the room, Instructables recommends waiting at least two to three weeks before applying any wall decals. This will help ensure the paint is completely dried and cured, which will prevent any damage by the adhesive.

Next, carefully peel the wall decal off the white backing and hold it up to the wall. Make any final adjustments before slowly placing the decal on the wall. Finally, remove any air bubbles under the decal with a piece of thin plastic, such as a credit or debit card.

Most wall decals can easily be removed and readjusted. However, keep in mind that it's not advisable to remove and reposition the decal several times because this could impact the adhesive's effectiveness.

From their affordability to their ease of use and unique style, there are several reasons to choose wall decals, over other traditional types of artwork. If you have any more questions about wall decals, including how to purchase custom designs, don't hesitate to contact a professional graphic designer.