Tips For Hosting Outdoor Movie Nights

Do you dream of hosting outdoor movie nights in your backyard? If so, then all you need are a few supplies and you will be ready for an outdoor party suitable for all ages. The following tips can advice can help you plan the perfect movie party underneath the stars.

Tip #1: Use a screen

If you have a large white wall or fence, it can be tempting to use this instead of a screen. Unfortunately, small imperfections on a hard surface can have a major impact on picture quality. A fabric screen doesn't have this issue. You can purchase or rent stand-up screens or inflatable screens. Another option is to stretch a white sheet tautly between two supports, which you can create from PVC pipe.

Tip #2: Know your light competition

The brighter the lighting in the yard, the more lumens (a measure of brightness) your projector needs. If you are in a well-lit area with lots of streetlights and neighborhood light scatter that you can't control, or if you anticipate competing with a full moon, then you will want a projector that produces at least 5500 lumens. In a relatively dark yard with minimal direct light competition, you can opt for a basic outdoor projector that produces 2000 lumens or more.

Tip #3: Use portable speakers

Moving your entire home theater system outdoors is both difficult and annoying, since it can be difficult to set it up again for peak sound indoors. Instead, invest in a couple of wireless speakers to use outside. This way your sound system stays indoors, setup how you like it and safe. At a bare minimum, you need two speakers on either side of the screen. You can improve the sound quality greatly, though, if you have an additional speaker or two behind the audience as well.

Tip #4: Invest in a cheap player

Whether you use DVDs or Blu-ray, invest in a cheap single disk player just for outside use. This way you don't have to move your entire system outdoors, hook it into the projector, then move it back inside and set it back up after each party. Single function players are inexpensive enough that there is no reason not to have a dedicated portable unit. This also protects your more expensive home unit from damage.

For more help in setting up your outdoor system, talk to a home theater and projectors dealer in your area.