5 Drapery Trends to Try in Your Bedroom

What kind of ambience do you want in the bedroom? Are you looking for streamlined mod or lush romantic? One of the ways for promoting your chosen décor style is with custom window treatments. Draperies can even serve as the inspiration for your color palette. Choose beautiful window treatments that complement your style.

Patterned Curtains

Patterned curtain panels are a relatively easy way to add some drama to your bedroom windows. You can use the pattern to drive the color scheme in your bedroom. The overall effect of your draperies depends on the pattern and color you choose. For example, if you want a modern look, consider crisp panels with a bold geometric design. Conversely, a botanical print can be feminine or cottage cozy. For masculine décor, consider neutral-colored curtains with simple striping.

Roman Shades

If you want simplicity in your bedroom window treatments, consider Roman shades. Roman shades are like standard fabric shades with a cord mechanism for opening and closing, which allows the fabric to fold instead of bunch. The shades come in a wide variety of color and pattern options, so you can promote any décor style. They're similar to curtain panels in this way, but they're much simpler to operate.

Wooden Cornice

Wooden cornices can blend with different décor styles. For instance, Home and Garden TV describes an eclectic bedroom with Balinese-inspired wooden cornices. The cornices give the bedroom an exotic vibe. However, wooden cornices can also be traditional, especially if you match them with tailored drapes. Use wooden cornices to add architectural interest to your bedroom, especially if it doesn't already have molding or other trim.

Luxurious Drapes

If you want a romantic or dramatic ambience in your bedroom, consider grand draperies. One way to achieve this is with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk or taffeta. You can add to that luxurious feel by including details such as beads, crystals and tassels. You could also choose rich jewel tones or hang the draperies right under the ceiling for a dramatic floor to ceiling effect. Indeed, there's no reason you can't combine all three for your bedroom draperies.

Layered Treatments

Layering your window treatments is a good way to control the light. You can also get different effects with your layers. For instance, if you want a romantic ambience, start with sheer panels framed with luxurious draperies. You could even add pretty tie-backs. For a more streamlined effect, start with shades framed with tailored panels. Neutral hues are especially chic. Roman blinds are an addition that can blend with most drapery styles.

Be deliberate in your custom draperies so they promote your bedroom's unique style. To get an idea of your options, contact companies like Cover Up Designs.