Repairs That Keep Your Business Awning In Good Shape

When you have an awning over your business entrance, you want it to be in good shape so it reflects well on you and your company. An awning with a dented frame or tattered canopy is not only an eyesore, it can cause customers to form a bad impression of you since the awning is the first thing they see as they enter your building. Having repairs done in a timely manner is important, and here are some repairs that can keep your awning in great shape.

Repair Rips And Holes In The Fabric

Tiny rips or holes might develop in the fabric when the awning starts to get old. These can often be repaired without the need to remove the awning and create commotion around your storefront. The company may glue or patch new fabric over the hole in a way that isn't noticeable by people walking underneath. While patching will close up rips and keep them from getting larger, this option might not work if the patches are too visible.

Replace The Canopy

If the frame is still in good shape, then there is no need to replace the entire awning. If the fabric is faded, tattered, or starting to look old and worn, then a new canopy can be placed on the frame. Canopy fabric is manufactured to be durable. It should last for several years and resist fading from sun exposure. Eventually, the canopy will get old and need to be replaced. It's also possible the canopy will be damaged by vandals, flying debris in a storm, or some other rare event that makes it difficult to repair the fabric. In that case, the awning can be restored by attaching a new canopy to the frame.

Restore Frame Damage

Age and the weather take a toll on the frames as well. Frames might develop rust and start to look ugly. Aluminum frames are susceptible to dents if they are hit hard enough, and a big dent can affect the appearance of the awning. It's often possible to restore an awning frame without having to replace it. This might involve removing rust and applying a protective coating to the frame or straightening dents. It might also be necessary to tighten the frame to make the awning more stable and secure.

While awning repairs are possible in many instances, there could be times when replacing the entire awning is best. If a strong storm damages both the fabric and frame, then putting in a new awning might be necessary. An awning repair company will assess the damage and consider all the options for repairs to determine the best way to get your awning back in good shape.